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Community for fans of Jason/Lyla from Friday Night Lights.
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Welcome the the community! This community is for fans of Jason Street and Lyla Garrity of the NBC show Friday Night Lights. Here you can post all sorts of stuff about the couple and and even the individual characters. So read the rules, and join us in the fun!
1. You may post spoilers, but they MUST be in a livejournal cut. Do not post any spoilers whateversoever in your main entry. Everything that happens on an episode is considered a spoiler until three hours AFTER the episode has aired.

2. You can post about the following, but please put an entry tag on every entry that you post, so we can keep it organized and have easy access to posts. Tags:

Icons, Spoilers, Mood Themes, Banners, Headers, Wallpapers, Polls, News, Videos, Pictures, Couple Discussion, Character: Jason, Character: Lyla, Other.

3. When posting icons, you can have up to three "teaser" icons in your main post, and the rest under a livejournal cut or in a link to your own personal journal. Do not post anything in the main post that will stretch the page, such as large pictures or banners. Put them on a livejournal cut.

4. We understand that everyone has their own opinions and often like different contestants. Everyone is free to state their own opinions, but you must be respectful of other members. Do no attack other members in any way or you will be removed from the community.

5. This community is for fans of Jason/Lyla. Do not bash the couple in any way or you will be removed from the community.

This community is open membership, meaning anyone can join, but that can change. When you join, that means that you've read and understood the rules, therefore if you break them you are subject to immediate removal from the community.
Livejournal users who are not a member of this community can not post to this community. This community is open to new members, so feel free to join. Make sure to follow the rules for the community, or you will be banned.

This community is currently taking applications for two moderators to help run the community. If you are interested, please contact me by sending me an email at xblondecutieo23@hotmail.com telling me your name, how you found the community, why you think you would be a good moderator, and give me a link to your livejournal. Thanks!
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If you would like to be an affiliate of the community, please contact me at xblondecutieo23@hotmail.com